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Need exercise? No need to run a marathon or sign up with a gym. Just become a grandparent!

My wife and I had just returned from Italy. We had one day to recover from the six-hour time difference and 10-hour flight when we welcomed our 9-month-old grandson for babysitting duties.

I’m not sure where they came up with the “sitting” part of minding a baby, because you do very little of that. In fact, it’s far more likely you’ll find yourself on the floor trying to corral the lad or rushing to head him off before he reaches any one of 100 things that could come crashing down. Getting yourself up off the floor should provide enough exercise for a week.

Then there’s picking him up. Twenty pounds isn’t especially heavy — unless those 20 pounds are moving. That’s a different story.

Fast forward to later that day. Mom has picked up the baby, and you call a granddaughter to see how she’s doing. She tells you her brother is going to a high school awards program where he, and about 60 other students, will receive an honor of one sort or the other.

Do you go? Assuming you’re standing again, of course you do. You switch from your blue jeans, especially worn to keep up with the baby, and force yourself into a suit for the more “formal occasion.” Then you run off to the school auditorium for the program.

The evening is long. But you’re proud of your grandson and what he’s accomplished, and you know he’s happy to see you there.

There’s nothing on the agenda the following day, so you go to your church to check out a flea market being held to raise money.

Your daughter is there, but she’s leaving soon to catch her daughter, your granddaughter, in a concert. You didn’t know about this one. Do you go?

Of course you do. That’s what grandparents do. You support the kids whether you’re tired or not. Besides, it’s all good exercise. And you can rest all day tomorrow. Oh. Wait a minute. I almost forgot about the soccer game!

Hope you’re in shape and that all your NEWS is good!