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It’s amazing how many letters to Santa find their way to Grandma and Grandpa.

That’s a good thing because getting presents for grandkids can be a real challenge these days.

There was a time when an electric train, erector set or a doll would fit most any girl or boy’s desires, but times have changed. When it comes to getting gifts for grandkids it may be the thought that counts, but you’d like to make sure your thought matches their wishes.

We’ve got six grandchildren ranging in age from 2 to 19. Four of the six are in the teenage range and they’re the toughest to buy for.

“Older kids” seem to favor electronic gadgets these days and, if you’re at all like us, it’s the market we know least about. Technology seems to have gotten a little ahead of us so it’s especially helpful if you can get those grandkids to make a very specific list.

The younger kids never seem shy to tell you exactly what they’re hoping to find under the Christmas tree. Of course they’re usually the ones most influenced by advertising.

You only hope they’re not looking for one of those limited edition toys that have thousands of shoppers searching for the few hundred items that actually make it to the store shelves.

The two year old makes it really easy. Too young to make a list and just young enough to love everything about what to him is this “new” holiday.

It’s a real treasure to take in Christmas through his eyes.

Whatever material gifts you choose please take the time to remind grandkids of all ages what Christmas is really all about ... the greatest gift of all.

Hope your Christmas is merry and that all your NEWS is good!