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Photo: N/A, License: N/A

It’s fun to look through old familyphotos. I find myself noticing interesting similarities between those photos I took of my kids as they were growing up and more recent pictures of the grandkids.

There are, of course, the usual comparisons. Which child looks like which parent or grandparent?

But an old photo and a recent infirmity really sparked some thinking on my part last month. It made me recall the many times I hoisted my son onto my shoulders as we walked along the boardwalk during our vacations at the beach.

Or those days when I lifted him high above the crowds so he could watch as the parade marched by.

A few weeks back a case of the gout had me bedridden and unable to walk for several days.

A trip to the doctor was certainlywarranted. But getting there, let alone getting out of the house, posed a serious problem.

That’s when the young man I once carried on my shoulders, now full-grown and strong, came to my rescue. His shoulders provided the lift I needed to get me in and out of the car and the doctor’s office.

The next day he came to visit and brought his own little boy, my grandson.

I watched as he lifted him onto his shoulders and wondered if there will come a day when, again, the son, in his own way, returns the love by lifting, at the very least, his father’s spirits

I’m thinking you can bet on it!

Hope all your NEWS is good.