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Ed Frable Jr., 28, is the owner of Ed Frable Construction LLC, based in Clarks Summit. His other enterprise, Advanced Choice Home Inspection will launch early in 2017.

Ed, tell us about yourself.

I live in Clarks Summit with my wife Ashli and daughter, Nikola. I graduated from Abington Heights and joined the workforce full-time immediately out of high school. I attended the American Home Inspectors Training Institute to gain the necessary licenses to become a home inspector. I had to test on many subjects, from structures to radon testing and everything in between.

I always enjoyed building. From the age of 14, I got into the trades working for a family friend and never looked back. I took advantage of learning through the trades programs at Abington Heights, where most other students were taking those classes for an easy ride.

After high school, I didn’t go to college but like to say I attended the school of hard knocks. There were many things I had to learn through trial and error, by making mistakes, correcting them and overcoming difficulties.

Since opening the construction company in 2010, I have pursued certifications for the installation of products from select manufacturers.

What was it like growing up in Clarks Summit?

I feel a connection to the area because I grew up here and I do business here. My parents were Clarks Summit entrepreneurs. They owned and operated Abington Taxi in the ’80s and

Candletree & Gifts from ’99 until ’03. They worked 24/7 and did very well, but life was passing them by. I used to help out at the candle store on State Street all the time. When you grow up in an area like Clarks Summit, no one is really a stranger.

Tell us about the rest of your family.

My mom and dad are Ellen and Ed Frable. They live in Clarks Summit too. My father taught me at a young age how important working hard is. Whether it was getting up to go to hockey practice at 5:30 in the morning or getting up to go to work at 6 in the morning at a summer job.

My mother always taught me about the softer side of life. Enjoying the little things, spending time with family. Things of that sort.

I have two sisters. Denise DeRenzis lives with her husband in Elmhurst. She teaches in the Abington Heights School District.

Laura Kanton lives with her husband Billy at Lake Sheridan. She’s an accountant at Highland Associates in Clarks Summit.

My older sister, Denise, is 13 years older than me and my middle sister, Laura, is seven years older than me. Both sisters were like mothers to me when I was growing up. Today, Denise has three daughters and Laura has one son.

What are the names of your companies and what services do you offer?

Ed Frable Construction offers masonry and excavation services. Advanced Choice Home Inspection, which will launch at the beginning of 2017, will offer all home inspection services including real estate and pre-sale transactions, radon testing and wood-destroying organism inspections.

The construction company has been in business for eight years and employs three people For the inspection company, I will serve as lead inspector and I foresee a lot of room for growth.

What is it like to do business in NEPA?

Northeast Pennsylvania is a good place to do business. It’s very big in a way, but a small area too. No matter where you are in NEPA, you can make some form of connection with whomever you are talking to.

Who are your mentors?

My father, Ed Frable Sr., who recently retired as a service manager for a car dealership and is now driving trucks and working as a mechanic for me, on a full-time basis, is my mentor. His ability to diagnose and repair virtually anything mechanical is unreal. He also taught me to never quit on anything until it’s finished.

My second mentor is Vince Piazza. He is a family friend that I worked for while growing up. He’s also a local contractor who has given me many opportunities to prove what I can do. He has subcontracted some pretty big projects which have helped jump start my professional career, and he has always provided me with the insight that can only be learned through experience.

What’s a typical day at work like? Busy. I am on site for the majority of the day with the construction company. Being a tradesman at heart, I expect myself to produce as much as any of my guys would throughout the day.

I’m also up to the challenge of producing while managing things on the business end. Meetings, estimates, phone calls, planning and time spent staring at blueprints — is the other half of the business end. It’s never-ending but exciting.

And there are benefits to owning your own business. Flexibility when needed. Being able to swing home for lunch to see the family and not have to worry about anything.

The favorite part of my day is when I’m able to create something real and functional from an idea or a drawing. I also enjoy when I hear how happy a client is with our work. I believe clients can see the dedication put into their projects.

To what do you attribute your success?

Multiple things. I wouldn’t be where I am at this exact moment without my crew who will stick with me through hell or high water. But, I think the biggest thing is, I am not afraid to spend all day on the job if I have to. I feel that many contractors find any excuse not be on the job with their crew. I believe in the complete opposite, which also gains the respect of my crew and my clients. My clients know that I am there making sure our product lives up to our word.

Also, I am a firm believer in karma. I feel that if I work hard and stick to my word, good things will happen. When things aren’t going right, my crew will not be deterred. We will re-evaluate our game plan and not give up until the job is complete.

Tell us about your family.

Ashli and I have been married 2 1/2 years. She works at the Scranton Canoe Club at Lake Winola. Our daughter, Nikola Flora Frable is 2 1/2 months old.

Ashli is one of my greatest supporters. She is a huge reason that I started my business and I attribute a lot of my success to her support. She has stuck by me through good times and bad and has always supported any decisions I’ve had to make.

Our daughter has created a whole new level of determination on my part. On the same hand, my wife and daughter have also taught me that it is really important to take time for myself and for them. What’s the point of working so hard if not to enjoy life?

Ashli is a stay-at-home mom for the next few months. But we have a lot of support from both our families.

Since Nikola was born, the day-to-day really has not changed a whole lot. I have always had a lot of drive to get up and make the most of the day — it doesn’t matter whether it’s work-related or personal. So I think having a baby just enhances that drive.

I’m most proud of being a dad and knowing that the work I do will provide a good life for Nikola and Ashli.