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Photo: N/A, License: N/A

One of the most important duties of grandparents is to keep those cards coming.

If there were a grandparent rule book you’d probably find this regulation on page one.

Birthdays are a given. But in February kids love to get Valentines from grandma and grandpa. They love to give them as well.

Usually the kid’s homemade cards reflect a deep love and devotion that far exceeds that expressed in any commercial card. And the kid’s cards are the ones you’ll usually find tucked away in a deep corner of some seldom opened drawer.

When I was a kid my mom usually bought a box of those little Valentine cards that I’d distribute to my classmates in grade school. Chances are I’d come home with as many as I handed out from the other kids whose Mom’s did the same thing.

I think they still do that, at least in the early grades. But at a certain point in a kid’s life Valentines generally come just from mom and dad and, certainly, the grandparents. Then things begin to change.

We will be checking the deliveries a little extra carefully beginning this year.

Two of our grand daughters will be turning 16. One already has a boyfriend. So it’s likely that cards will eventually be changing into flowers and/or candy.

As a responsible grandpa I suppose I should let the boyfriend know what kind of chocolates I like. My grandkids always share.

Hope all your news is good!