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Receiving books as gifts is more popular than ever. I am always excited to see parents suggesting books as gifts for baby showers, birthday parties and Christmas. I reached out to some of my friends who often request books as a gift for their children. As a librarian who is used to a specific way of book organization, I was curious about where they keep their children’s books and how they are organized. It’s not according to the Dewey Decimal System ... and that’s OK.

Where do you keep your children’s books?

How are they organized?

Do you have any suggestions for parents?

Jessica Trescavage, Moosic:

“We keep our books in a common area in between the bedrooms. Children books are kept on the bottom shelves with their favorites in easy access bins.My suggestion for parents is to borrow books from your local public library before buying them. Take note of what your child gravitates toward and then buy related subjects and their favorites. My daughter, age 6, loves Pete the Cat, The Day the Crayons Quit, Mo Willems and Olivia. My son, age 3, loves Marvel Superhero and Dr. Seuss. They both absolutely love the book My Big Barefoot Book of Wonderful Words.”

Renee Miller, Archbald:

“We keep most of our books in the playroom, but they keep their favorites in their bedrooms. They used to be organized by size and once by reading level, but I eventually gave up as they are used too frequently.”

Rachel Drazdowski, Taylor:

“The books are supposed to stay in one room but they end up all over the house. My 9-year-old, Senah, is in charge of organizing her own books now. Her favorites include any books with facts, collection of poems, biographies and fiction series.”

Lia Bell, Moscow:

“My two daughters keep books on shelves in their bedrooms but we also keep books in the toy room. They decide how to organize the books. One time it was alphabetical by title, another time by size. The organization changes as they grow and their interests change. I am forever picking them up, but I guess there could be worse problems.”

If you are a new parent or just starting a home library, there are no rules. Keep the books where they are accessible and do not worry about keeping them in any particular order. A messy library is a used library. Let’s your kids decide what works best for them.

Librarian Voytko’s Holiday Gift Advice:

Now although books make great gifts, the best gift, in my opinion, is a Library Card.

Also, you can never go wrong with the 4 Gift Rule:

Something they want.

Something they need.

Something to wear.

Something to READ.