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You can simplify your life in six easy steps says Cena Block, owner of Sane Spaces in Milford. Block coaches mom entrepreneurs to help them organize their time and make more money.

No. 1: Create your schedule and respect your boundaries.

“Work during work time and play during play time,” Block said. “So many people are on when they are awake and setting those boundaries are important.” Block said to record tasks and then set a reminder.

No. 2: Reduce, let go, say no.

“The less you have, the less you have to worry about,” she said, adding if that means getting rid of things, just do it. “In working with people in their homes, the stuff just becomes overwhelming,” Block said. “Home no longer becomes your haven when you have too much.”

No. 3: Do something you love daily

Go to the gym. Walk the dog. Meditate. Yoga.

“Doing what you love helps you ground yourself, helps you step away from the constant ‘being on,’ and doing what you love rejuvenates you.”

No. 4: Chunk your tasks

In your effort to simplify, create a block of time where you devote energy to one task and one task only. By chunking your time, you’re much more able to get things done when you’re able to focus and minimize interruptions.”

No. 5: Routines

This has everything to do with activities of daily life that have to be done on a regular basis and ensuring they are streamlined. Anything you repeat should have a routine,” she said. “Your brain is not a good storage device, it’s a much better problem solving device so the routine helps you unload and have consistency.”

No. 6: Push to complete, close your open loops.

The quickest way to simplicity is to stop the endless commitments, Block said. “Clean up what you have open before taking on new things.”