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Rachael and Tom Donnelley.

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Patricia Striefsky and her dad, John P. Kameen.

Fathers, whether they realize it or not, are very important in shaping who their child becomes.

With Father’s Day approaching, Patricia Kameen Striefsky reflected on her love for her father, John P. Kameen, and gratitude for all he has done for her.

“Being a father is not an easy task. A father makes a huge impact on his daughter’s life. He is the first man she says ‘I love you’ to, and he is the first man to show her what love is,” she said. “To be honest, I can’t remember a time when he wasn’t there for me — not only as a father, but as my best friend.”

Whether it is because the two have worked together for more than two decades or because they are a team in their family-owned and-operated business — The Forest City News — going to work each day is never a chore for them.

“I realize the true depth and breadth of my father’s presence. His influence, character and quiet, yet strong presence are invaluable to me,” she added.

Striefsky said her father is always calm, together, firm and gentle — things she may not always be — but his traits have taught her to be fair, humble, kind and independent. She strives to replicate his effortless dedication to his family and his work.

“He is the first one to work and always the last one to close up at night,” she said.

In thinking about her dad, Striefsky remembers her “terrible” teens and feels badly. “Raising a teenage girl might be one of the biggest challenges a father goes through. Speaking from my own experience, I’m sorry for all the frustrations I caused him during my teenage years,” Striefsky, a mother of two daughters, said with a laugh.

She said both she and her father are stubborn and unwilling to change at times, but they are also strong in their convictions, caring, and fiercely loyal.

“We are very much alike,” she said. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be the person I am today,” she explained. “He has always been one of my biggest Shape continues fans. I hope I have made him proud

because I know how proud I am to be his daughter,” Striefsky said.

I hope this Father’s Day is everything he deserves. I love you Dad!”

she said.

Perhaps it was his father’s example that made Kameen such a good dad to his daughter. “My father never got angry, and I never heard him say a swear word,” said Kameen, who recently celebrated his 75th birthday. “You know you have a wonderful father when you think to yourself, ‘What would my father say or do in a situation?’”

Kameen joined his father’s family business, Kameen Hardware, as a 12 year old and worked there part-time through high school and college at the University of Scranton.

His father, Joseph Kameen, later purchased The Forest City News, where John began his lifelong career. “He taught me that you could not have a successful business unless you work hard,” he explained.“As a businessman, my father taught me that sometimes you should not get ‘a little bigger’ without major consequences.”

From 1963 to 1968 his father was the publisher, and he was general manager until he purchased it from his father in 1968 and became publisher.

The two also often enjoyed leisure time together at his father’s farm in Ararat from 1949 to 1970. “He was always there to provide business advice if I asked, but he never told me what to do,” Kameen explained.

Tom Donnelley has lots of advice for his daughter Rachael, and she takes it in stride.

“He has pushed me to do things I never thought possible, such as driving a standard car or building a bike jump. He may yell at me and critique the way I do things, but it is his way of teaching me and making me better,” said the 20-year-old Penn State University junior.

Whether she’s stuck in a ditch or needs some cheering up with their

favorite food, ice cream, her dad is there for her. “He has certainly made me a strong individual and has helped me fight through some tough times. He is the hardest worker I know, with a huge heart,” she said.

Rachael calls her dad inspirational and said she could not imagine a better role model. “He is a great husband to my mom, father to me and friend to so many,” she added.

“I feel so blessed to have such a special person in my life. I love him so much,” she said.

Fifteen-year-old Megan Farrell said she is grateful for her father, Mark, who is a hard worker and fair. When it comes to their time together they love to watch a good movie and spend time with their dogs – Emma, Willy and Luke.

“He even let me cut the grass once,” she said, laughing. “He attends all

my school and extra-curricular

events too.”