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Cabin Fever Cure

Cabin fever setting in? Need to get out and enjoy the great outdoors then why not make it a family trip? Well, look no further than the great outdoors of Northeastern Pennsylvania. The weather is nippy, the scenery is gorgeous and the conditions are perfe (read more)

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Winter Skin Care

Even though it’s winter, that doesn’t mean the sun can’t damage your skin. The cold weather, wind and sun can be brutal on the body’s largest organ. “The ultraviolet light that comes from the sun’s rays is what causes sunburn, skin damage and possibly ski (read more)

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Getting Back to the Library

Stuck in the house all winter? Cold temperatures got you down? While movie theaters can be warm and ski resorts can be cold, the library can be a good place to cozy up to fend off a long winter’s nap. “Books are still a big deal,” said Mary Garm, administ (read more)

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Teaching your children to save

Despite what you may not have done right for your own children when it came to saving money, as a grandparent you want to make changes that will make your grandchildren’s future brighter, especially when it comes to the financial aspects. Teaching financi (read more)

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Tips for New Dads

The birth of a child is a momentous occasion in the lives of parents. First-time parents may be especially moved upon seeing the birth of their child, having never before witnessed something so profound. When the time comes for parents to leave the hospit (read more)

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Changing Parental roles for Dad

Parenting roles continue to evolve as families look for solutions that meet all of their needs. In an effort to meet the financial demands of raising a family, parents may be taking on less traditional roles. For example, many fathers are now stay-at-home (read more)

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Benefits of child safe home improvements

All family members should be considered when home improvements are being planned, especially the youngest household residents who may not be responsible enough to avoid accidents and injuries. According to a recent Vital Signs report from the U.S. Centers (read more)

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Go Green

Children often aspire to emulate their parents. Young boys who see their fathers shaving might reach for dad’s shaving cream, while young girls may find their way into mom’s closet in an effort to dress up like their mothers. Kids’ curiosity may be simila (read more)

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Get insight on child’s school performance

It is the time of year when parents will make an annual visit to their child’s school for parent-teacher conferences. Making the most of that visit is important for insight into how your child is doing in school. There are two aspects of school life paren (read more)

Flu shots give protection to whole family

Although summer-like weather lingered into October in Northeastern Pennsylvania this year, the fall season is upon us and it’s time to turn our attention to things to come. This means it’s time to prepare ourselves for flu season and it is not too early t (read more)

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